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An Easy Way To Keep Herbs Fresh

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An Easy Way To Keep Herbs Fresh
Photo Uncommon Goods

Isn't it frustrating when a batch of fresh herbs goes to waste in your fridge? If you want to extend the life of your herbs here's a tool that will make that task easier: the herb keeper.

The Herb Keeper is a simple storage unit that allows herbs to be treated in flowers, in the sense that their stems are kept hydrated in water. It works pretty much like a French press except that the plunger is fitted with a small basket that holds the herbs. Push it down to store in the fridge and pull it back up when you need a fresh batch of coriander.

If you've ever kept fresh herbs in a jar with water you'll appreciate how The Herb Keeper streamlines the process and keeps leaves  nice and tidy. This nifty kitchen tool retails for $22.99 at Uncommon Goods.

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