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Eatery: The Big Data Health App

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Eatery: The Big Data Health App

Eatery, a free app which launched last year, combines healthy eating advice with mass data collection and curation. Designed by Massive Health, allows users to take pictures of the food they're eating, fill in some basic information about that food and rate other people's  pictures on how healthy they think they are using a scale of 'fit to fat'.

Massive Health is a company that say they're: 'on a mission to help people get healthy and stay healthy by creating beautiful products that deliver health insights.' They have an idea that by a harnessing great design they can help form good habits around healthy eating. Users are given a percentage on how healthy their week has been so far and can compare their scores with friends.

By using this data and food ratings, over 7 million so far, Massive Health have now come to some interesting conclusions. And with one eye always on design it's no surprise that the data they do collect has been presented as a collection of great info-graphics.

From which cities in America are the healthiest, which parts of the world eat more sprouts and how people in Tokyo eat three times more fish than any other place in the world. By collecting millions of ratings from around the world the team are building a fairly comprehensive map and a strong idea of the eating habits of the mean feat and one that's surely going to lead to more informative design in the future.

Massive Health - What we Eat

Via Massive Health

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