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Magic Away Red Wine Hangovers with The Wand

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Magic Away Red Wine Hangovers with The Wand

Overdo the red wine and a pounding head the following morning will let you know about it.

But apparently, those head clutching days could soon be over. A magic hangover cure has entered the market, and it's called: The Wand™ by PureWine and intends to banish drinker's remorse forever.

Created by a US company the wand like 'device' has been marketed as a solution to removing the headache–making histamines and sulfite preservatives usually found in wine, before you drink a glass.

Less impressive looking than a wand, more like a small tea bag attached to a rigid plastic handle, the idea is to submerge the said teabag, sorry ... wand, into your glass of wine three to four minutes prior to drinking to absorb all the guilty headache making culprits. 

Containing "patented nano–pore resin technology," this sounds like serious stuff. And when it comes to saving on hangovers we're all ears. Just don't let your host see you dipping your magic stick into a glass of finest Bordeaux, or you might be out on your ear.

You can pick up a pack of eight wands for $17.99 or 24 for $47.99, which works out at roughly $2 a glass – a small price to pay for hangover prevention?

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