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Cure Your Hangover With Food And Good Humor

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Cure Your Hangover With Food And Good Humor
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Who hasn't been there? You drank a bit too much the night before and you wake up to the agony of the dreaded hangover. How do you nurse yourself back to sanity? Well, that depends on the type of hangover.

That's the premise behind The Hungoevr Coobkook by Milton Crawford, a British writer bent on curing hangovers with food. ''A hangover is an opportunity to see and taste the world in a new way... Try enjoying your hangover rather than simply enduring it. I am going to show you how,'' is how Milton greets readers in the introduction to his book.

What sets The Hangover Cookbook apart is that it features six categories of hangovers: the Broken Compass (dazed and confused), Sewing Machine (stabbing pains), Comet (total disconnect from the body), Atomic (something has gone wrong, very wrong), Cement Mixer (queasiness) and Gremlin Boogie (where you are completely destroyed).

Along with recipes, Milton offers jokes and quizzes to humor you back to your old self. But if you can't bear to cook with a hangover, there is always the good old fashioned remedy of taking aspirin and going back to bed.

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