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Guidelines for Foraging from the Nordic Food Lab

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Guidelines for Foraging from the Nordic Food Lab

Foraging has become a big trend in the food world, with chefs like Rene Redzepi at Noma in Copenhagen creating entire menus from foraged ingredients and recipe books like Foraged Flavor from Tammy Wong and Eddy leroux gaining lots of popularity - it seems that most serious food lovers have done at least a little foraging.

The question is how do you forage for foods without damaging the environment you're in? How can you pick a mushroom knowing that you have destroyed an animals home?

The Nordic Food Lab, a project by Rene Redzepi, have released a list of guidelines on how to forage in a sustainable way. It's a simple list and many of the suggestions are common sense but it's well worth a look the next time you plan a forage.

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