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Step Inside the Groundfridge: A Modern Cellar Solution

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Step Inside the Groundfridge: A Modern Cellar Solution

Tired of your pokey fridge, nowhere to store your glut of homegrown fruit and veg or just short on suitable wine storage space?

Say hello to the 'Groundfridge', the underground cool storage solution that'll give you up to 12 large family refrigerators worth of food storage space, all inside a spacious spherical structure buried underground that relies on very little electricity.

Designed by Floris Schoonderbeek for Dutch company Weltevree, the inspiration came from traditional root cellars, when food and drink used to be preserved in spaces dug into the earth.

Using virtually no electricity the structure is instead covered by a metre of soil and uses the insulating capacity of the earth to maintain its cool internal temperature of between 7 and 15º C (44.6 to 59º F), making it perfect for fruit, vegetables, wine and cheese storage. And with a storage capacity of half a ton, or 500kg, of food that should be enough to last a few hundred meals.

So if you want to get back in touch with your roots, Groundfridge costs almost $10,000, plus you'll have to dig the structure into the ground. So perhaps best to consider if you plan on moving house any time soon.

Anyway, there's time to think about it. The Groundfridge will be available for purchase from Spring 2017.

Step inside and take a look around:

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