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Grant Achatz’s Jaw-Dropping Cocktail Book

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Grant Achatz’s Jaw-Dropping Cocktail Book

Grant Achatz and his team have released The Aviary Cocktail Book, a new publication that contains over 100 recipes from the creative, experimental cocktail bar, The Aviary in Chicago.

The Aviary Cocktail Book is packed with beautiful photography, designs from artists and meticulous recipes that aim to capture the unique spirit of the eponymous cocktail bar.  

Achatz and Nick Kokonas of the Alinea Group embarked on the project of making a different kind of cocktail recipe book more than three years ago. They teamed up with the Californian artist duo Allen and Sarah Hemberger, the same pair who famously cooked their way through all the recipes in Achatz's Alinea cookbook and published their own book about the experience, The Alinea Project

The result of the collaboration is stunning. The Aviary Cocktail Book contains over 440 pages with 115 recipes created by the chefs, bartenders and ice chefs of The Aviary, accompanied by thousands of beautiful images. 

It comes in two editions - a Standard and a Reserve Edition. The latter contains the same content as the Standard Edition but comes in a custom-designed, individually handmade clamshell case. These are detailed books for those that want to understand the deep, chef-like world of perfect cocktail crafting as the techniques of the kitchen make it to the bar. 

Just one look at this video from 2012 explaining the bar's ice program and you know this is a company that means business.

The Aviary cocktail bar opened in Chicago in 2011, following up with a location in NYC in 2017. Achatz’s idea was to bring Alinea to the drink world: “We began to wonder if the techniques and flavor combinations we had developed over the years at Alinea might be just as applicable to cocktails.” 

The Aviary is famous for offering creative cocktails alongside Achatz's signature cooking style. Cocktails at their NYC location include unusual drinking experiences such as a Manhattan served inside a bagel-air pillow, and an Old Fashioned cocktail injected into a balloon.

The book is available to order online. There's also the option to download a digital sample. 

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