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Fruit and Nut Presses: Cheese Gets a New Best Friend

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Fruit and Nut Presses: Cheese Gets a New Best Friend

Check out these rather unique harvest presses absolutely packed with ingredients that capture the flavor of a cold winters day.

The company who make them, Grace and I, say that they are similar to a fig role in concept however these presses are literally squeezed tight with a range of hand picked ingredients.

They come in a range of styles, from Fig and Nuts (Black Mission figs, calimyrna, and golden Turkish figs with almonds and hazelnuts) to the more exotic Hawaiian (pineapple, mango, papaya and passion fruit with macadamia nuts and almonds) and the Harvest press which is made seasonally using winter ingredients. Each one is produced with no flour, no added sugar and no dairy.

They're a little expensive at $19.99 for one, however, they're delivered on their own wooden chopping boards which makes them easy to serve and the idea of added the presses to accompany a cheese board is something we really like the sound of.

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