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The Car Engine Espresso Maker - Coffee with a Kick

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The Car Engine Espresso Maker - Coffee with a Kick

If you're looking for a coffee machine that powers up with a grunt in the morning and offers a little extra horse power than the usual espresso machines, take a look at this car engine coffee machine created by Espresso Veloce.

The machines are modeled on half-scale Grand Prix engines and are available in V8, V10 and V12 sizes.

The machines are all hand built and with just 500 of them worldwide - this is a serious piece of kit for the coffee aficionados of the world.

Like a hit of grappa in your coffee? No problem. The Espresso Veloce comes with a grappa reservoir made from the engines old oil filler.

The machines can be ordered directly from the company website but with quotes as high as $15,000 - you could actually by a car for the same price as the machine.

Via Food Beast

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