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Gojee: Personalized Recipes Online

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Gojee: Personalized Recipes Online
Photo Alice Harold / Flickr

What do you have in your fridge? A very special chef knows how to help you, preparing some dishes like mom does... just with the ingredients you already have.

After having listed what’s left in the fridge and in the cupboards (‘I have’), after having entered all the food we don’t like and that we refuse to eat (‘I dislike’) and, most importantly, those foods that we love above all else (‘I crave’), Gojee’s intelligent algorithm is then ready to instantly give us a recommendation on the best recipe to prepare tonight.

It does this so quickly and accurately, in fact, that a doubt soon pops into the mind of the user: how did it know that spaghetti alla marinara with meatballs was one of my favorite dishes? By telling us which among the recipes suggested are our favorites, the site can create for us a cookbook of all those dishes we love the most, and that we can browse online. At the same time, it also allows us to share them with our friends via the various social networks.

Created by food expert bloggers and chefs from all over the world, the recipes for our personalized kitchen even also remind us to begin with those little items lying forgotten at the back of the fridge.

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