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The Ultimate Tool For Making Gnocchi

By FDL on

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The Ultimate Tool For Making Gnocchi

There's nothing like biting in fresh homemade gnocchi. If you are up for making gnocchi from scratch then you'll need the right tools. Enter the Gnoccheria, a nifty gadget that helps you roll gnocchi imprinted with cool designs.

Gnoccheria was designed by Bettina Di Virgilio, a designer based in Milan, and is part of a line called Genietti. The gnocchi roller is made from stainless steel and comes in three designs: long waves, small stars and and tiny hyphens.

Aside from making gnocchi, the Gnoccheria may also be used for stamping cookies or pie crust. You gotta love a kitchen tool that works double duty. Interested? This nifty gadget is available here.

Here's a cool video that shows you how to use the tool when making gnocchi and don't miss this other video showcasing an authentic recipe for Italian gnocchi. Buon appetito!

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