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This Portable Grill Fits in Your Backpack

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This Portable Grill Fits in Your Backpack
Photo Gizzo

Cooking in the great outdoors sounds great on paper, but the quality of the meal you enjoy out in the wilderness is often dictated by what you can carry.

A mess tin heated over a fire, sure it's nice and authetically back to basics, but wouldn't it be nice to tuck in to a proper meal with all the trimmings after a lengthy hike? 

A new portable grill called the Gizzo will, it’s makers hope, make outdoor cooking that bit more practical.

The Gizzo fits into any regular sized backpack or a special backpack (pictured) with extra room for your fuel and accessories. Weighing just 3.7kg (or in mini at 2.6kg), it has room for eight burgers (this should be the official unit of grill measurement, don’t you think?), meaning you can cook a decent outdoor meal for a group, or just loads for you and a hungry friend. 

The project is currently being funded through Kickstarter, with sets ranging from €76 to €195. Take a look at the promo below. 

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