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Supra - How to Feast Georgian Style

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Supra - How to Feast Georgian Style

If you've haven't yet discovered the unique and diverse qualities of traditional Georgian food, it's time to be englightened in the capable hands of Tiko Tuskadze, owner of London's Little Georgiain her debut cookbook: Supra: A Feast of Georgian Cooking.

For the unitiated, Tuskadze makes for an expert guide navigating the authentic and generous yet little known cuisine that despite sitting at the crossroads of many influences between Europe and Asia, succesfully retains its own identity.

Enthusing the reader with her love of her country and cuisine, Tuskadze opens both her kitchen and her heart sharing over 100 iconic recipes and classics that have nourished her family for generations. 

From iconic dishes like hot cheese bread (khachapuri) and unctious mouthwatering dumplings (khinkali) to rich aubergine stew (Ajapsandali) and poussin in walnut sauce (Ckmeruli) the thoughtfully curated cookbook highlights a culture of food made for sharing with 'celebration and family' at its core.

Fuelled with enthusiasm it won't take long until you're arranging your very own supra, learning from a country that has feasting at its heart. 

Supra: A Feast of Georgian Cooking is available to buy here.

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