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The Complete Book Of Garlic by Ted Jordan Meredith

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The Complete Book Of Garlic by Ted Jordan Meredith

The author, Ted Jordan Meredith, has come up with a kind of ‘Garlic Bible’, replete with evocative photos and illustrations of ancient traditional herb gardens.

In just over 300 pages, the author has managed to investigate the plant from almost every point of view, making the book a volume that can be appreciated by many different kinds of readers. He has plenty of information for those who want to grow garlic plants, and those fascinated by the hundreds of different species cultivated around the world. But there’s also something for the reader who simply wants to make some of the most famous garlic-based dishes, and to experiment with unusual recipes.

Especially interesting is the part explaining the therapeutic uses of garlic, from antiquity to modern times. There’s also an extensive treatment of the economic issues surrounding the cultivation of the plant, which over the last decades has undergone a true boom: between the 1990s and today, garlic cultivation has more than doubled.

Ted Jordan Meredith is an enthusiast not just of garlic, but also wine, gastronomy, gardening, tourism and good music.

You can purchase the book here.

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