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Simple Rain Maker Fits on Water Bottles

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Simple Rain Maker Fits on Water Bottles
Want to grow yourself a nice green area but don’t have the space for storing the gardening equipment you’ll need? With many of us opting to live in urban environments with a lack of outdoor spaces it’s a problem that’s, mind the pun, growing. 
There’s been a number of products launched in recent times to help fix the problem of people who want green spaces in urban homes. Things like this kitchen grow box or vertical planters that attach directly to windows, providing extra space for the green fingered warriors of the world. 
Another gadget that aims to encourage gardening for those without space is this simple Rain Maker cloud that fits directly onto the top of a water bottle and disperses water like rain, similar the effect you get from a watering can. 
The best thing about this little gadget is just how much space it saves when compared with traditional watering can. It can be quickly taken off the bottle and stored in the draw. 
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