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Electrolux's Futuristic Cooking Tiles

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Electrolux's Futuristic Cooking Tiles
Photo Electrolux

Electrolux seems to be on the frontline when it comes to producing futuristic cooking gadgets. Some time ago we featured the company's Stoov, an electro-magnetic portable burner that sticks to your pots. Now, Electrolux is introducing a new type of portable burner: the cooking tile.

Just like Stoov, the cooking tiles are rechargable and stackable. Each square-shaped cooking tile is made of glass-ceramic and has an LED display so you can keep track of the battery level. The tiles can be programmed to suit your cooking needs.

You can customize your cooking surface by using one tile or a group of them depending on the size of your pot. As an added bonus, the cooking tiles double as a cutting board. How many portable burners can do that?  


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