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Cook Bug Burgers and Worm Balls at Home with IKEA's New Cookbook

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Cook Bug Burgers and Worm Balls at Home with IKEA's New Cookbook
Photo SPACE10, Kasper Kristoffersen

Insects, plant-based proteins, algae - these are all ingredients that have been gaining traction in both kitchens and labs in the recent years as we try to shift to more sustainable ways of eating for our planet. But for the average home cook, the question has always been - where do you even start? 

About a year ago we talked about SPACE10, Ikea's external future living lab based in Copenhagen. There, amongst many of the design studio’s sustainable living projects, there has been a team working on a hypothetical future food menu, some of which we had shown here. Today, we finally got to see the results as SPACE10 unveiled their very first cookbook, Future Food Today

Dogless Hotdogs. Credits: SPACE10, Kasper Kristoffersen

Future Food Today contains about two dozen recipes that are considered to be “future-proof,” and according to SPACE10 they are "recipes that aim to close the gap between future food trends and what actually happens in people’s kitchens”.

A range of reimagined classic recipes include the Dogless Hotdog, Bug Burger, and Holy Mole Fish Tacos, featuring new ingredients such as micro-algae, insects and other ingredients alongside familiar foods.


Lean Green Tagine. Credits: SPACE10,  Emil Hornstrup Jakobsen

Simon Perez, SPACE10 chef and food designer said "we wanted to engage as many people as possible in this conversation, from well seasoned gourmandes to aspirational foodies. It really is a book for everyone, as long as you have a curious mind and have an interest in exploring a more sustainable future. "

Created in collaboration with Stockholm-based creative studio Barkas, the book is full of useful photography that illustrate the various procedures, as well as how-to’s that are all intended to make things easy for the curious home cook.

Find out how to grow your own spirulina, brew kombucha, and turn ‘waste’ into delicious dishes with this new book, and maybe do a little part for our planet at the same time. 

Credits: SPACE10

Future Food Today will be available at selected stockists on May 21st in Europe and June 21st in US and Asia. 

It is available for pre-order here

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