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A Book that Folds Out to Become Furniture

By FDL on

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A Book that Folds Out to Become Furniture

Some Kicktsarter projects just kick off immediately and this collection of innovative books that fold out to become furniture have done just the thing.

Within the first day of launching the crowd funding campaign with a goal of $50,000 - the team behind Bookniture have so far raised $269,000.

This massive amount of funding in just a few days is testament to how unique their idea is. Bookniture looks just like a book, it sits happily on your book shelf until you have that extra guest or you need a perfect coffee table next to your chair.

To use, all people have to do is open up the book and unravel the fanned design to reveal either a table or a chair.

They’re absolutely perfect for those living in a smaller home or anyone who loves to picnic in comfort and style.

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