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The Chef Knives That Last Longer

By FDL on

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The Chef Knives That Last Longer

Here’s a cool knife design from the TB company that looks to combine great design with technology.

Called The Furtif Evercut, the knife is made by laser-bonding titanium carbide to steel, a process that gives the knife its sleek black finish.

The set of knives are available in 5 designs. A pairing knife, multipurpose knife, kitchen knife, a chef’s knife and one called Santoku - similar to the chef’s knife but with a slight inclination for helping cut fish and delicate vegetables.

The team behind the knife claim the laser-bonding treatment gives it a much longer shelf life than other knives - three-hundred times longer than steel, five times longer than ceramic.

Each knife also comes with a lifetime cutting guarantee allowing users to register their products and replace them whenever necessary.

If you're seriously considering by a decent set of knives for the kitchen take a look at this series on Knife Skills - it's sure to help. 






  • velaque007 said on

    Please post a review of the knives if possible.

    Thank you.

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