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10 Fun Kitchen Eggcessories You'll Love

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10 Fun Kitchen Eggcessories You'll Love

Eggs deserve the limelight come Easter time. As nutritional powerhouses packed with protein and vitamins it's no wonder they rule the breakfast table.

We've put together a list of 10 fun egg kitchen gadgets that will help you fry, poach, boil, shape and serve your eggs... or seeing as it's Easter why not even make your very own 3D chocolate egg for breakfast?

Turn breakfast time on its head and you'll be wishing it was morning all over again.

Which just leaves you to answer, how do you like your eggs in the morning?

10 Kitchen Gadgets For Perfect Eggs



If you don't like your eggs, well, egg shaped, you can always turn them into a cube with this magic device. A great way to impress kids or to make sure your sliced egg fits neatly inside your lunchtime sandwich.

2. 3D Easter Eggs - $20 - Website

Make your very own 3D miniature chocolate eggs with this great chocolate mould from Lekue. Each of the chocolate solids fit neatly together enabling them to stand up on the plate.

2. Write on - $15 - Website 

Want to personalise breakfast for someone special? Why not try saying it in words with this handy food decoration pen where you can get creative on the plate or even decorate your egg.

3. The Arthur Egg Cup - $13- Website

Have some fun in the morning and get into character by serving your boiled eggs as knights dressed in shining armour.

4. Egg shapers - $10 -  website 

Sports fanatics will love these themed egg shapers turning your egg into a football, golf ball or even a tennis ball. What a fun kitchen gadget for eggs, no?

5. Fried Egg Shapers - $9- Website, $13 - Website

Serve your fried eggs sunny side up with these fun moulds. If you're a one yolker go for the sun peeping out of the clouds, or two eggs gets you a novelty face.

6. The Yolk Frog Egg Separator - $12.90 - Website 

If you were a fan of the iconic goldfish egg separator there's a new frog on the block that'll have you separating the yolks from the whites.

7. Electric Egg Cooker - $39.95 - Website

Have you always wanted perfect soft, medium and hard boiled eggs? Take the guess work out of it with this electric egg cooker that will cook up to seven eggs per batch.

8. Silicone Egg Shapers - $9 - (see main picture on left) Website 

Spanish kitchen brand Lekue created these ingenious silicone shaped moulds that'll have you cooking up heart-shaped eggs in the microwave for a fuss free romantic breakfast.

9.  The Perfect Egg Timer - $6 -  Website

If you like boiling up your eggs in a pan of water the old fashioned way, just toss a perfect egg timer into the water which'll give you an indication as to when they're done. 

10. Eddington Silicone Egg Poachers -$9.90 - Website

Never managed to perfect poached eggs? These silicone holders should take away that worry giving you perfect poached eggs every time.

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