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Introducing The Full Surface Induction Cooktop

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Introducing The Full Surface Induction Cooktop

Induction cooktops revolutionized the world of food preparation by freeing us from using gas, shortening cooking time and producing less burn injuries. As great as they are, induction cooktops still have one main constraint: limiting where you can place your pot.

The luxury appliance brand Thermador has designed the first ever free-form induction cooktop that gives you the freedom of placing pots anywhere you like. The Thermador Freedom Induction Top allows you to use cookware in any size or shape (like rectangular roasting pans), as opposed to the pots and pans required by older generation of induction cooktops.

Siemens, the parent company of Thermador, also released its own full-surface induction design. Both companies flaunt the fact they use 12 times the amount of heat conductors used in other induction cooktops.  The beauty of this modern design is that you can move pots around and the cooktop will automatically recalibrate the heating temperature.

As technologically advanced as these induction cooktops are, there is still one catch: the amount of cookware you can use is limited to four. Hey, you may be limited to four pots but at least you can place them wherever you like, no?



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