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A Fridge with (too Much) Brain

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A Fridge with (too Much) Brain
Photo Chillian Storm / Flickr

What do you think about a fridge that will inform you when items are running low and can even suggest low fat alternatives if your sugar intake is too high?

The idea of a smart fridge is nothing new but with the announcement that the electronics company LG will launch their new ThinQ Smart refrigerator in 2012, this is no longer just a concept.

Users can access the fridge from their phone while shopping and ask it what items need refilling, what foods are close to their sell by date and even ask the fridge, via 3G or text message, to lower it’s temperature if you’re rushing home with half melted ice cream in the boot of the car.

It sports a digital LCD display that can be used to present nutritional information, sell by dates and even recipe suggestions from the provisions you have left.

Finally, for those who find themselves hunting for chocolate in the middle of the night, this could be just right for you. The fridge will offer dietary advice to owners and is even programmed to suggest low fat alternatives if their sugar intake is too high.

What do you think of a fridge with a brain?  And what would you like to see in your future kitchen? Let us know in the comments section or send us a tweet using #futurekitchen and give us your very own kitchen predictions….

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