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The French Table Knives Found At Michelin Starred Restaurants

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The French Table Knives Found At Michelin Starred Restaurants

There are a few things that never go unnoticed when you eat out at a restaurant, and good table knives are one of them. There’s nothing that makes us turn more than a blunt serrated knife that doesn’t slice through the perfectly cooked steak we just ordered. Thankfully, a former Michelin-starred chef got onto the idea and created his own. 

The story of the Perceval 9.47 knife starts with chef Yves Charles at his restaurant in Paris at the end of 2004. Upon serving a table a duck course he saw some of the guests pulling out their own pocket knives to cut the meat. They all had the same knife, a folding knife that turned out to be the "Le Français" by Perceval, and here, the idea for the perfect table knife was born. 

How the chef came up with the name is proof that some of the best ideas come from wine-fueled nights with friends, because this famous knife then got its name from the wine the group and the chef were drinking that night, a "primeur" wine with an alcohol content of 9.47% that was produced by one of the dinner guests. 

Since Charles founded the knife, and took over the Perceval factory in Theirs in 2005, these smooth, elegant and very sharp knives have been turning up at many of the top restaurants all over France and as far as New York and Singapore, where we've spotted them at Atera, (2-star Michelin), and Odette (2-star Michelin), not to mention Alain Passard's Arpège in Paris (3 stars). 

The Perceval 9.47 knives are made entirely by hand in cryogenically treated steel and polyacetal thermoplastic, and the handles are available in over 10 different colour variations. Also available in a range of wood grains and precious materials such as jade. 

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