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Cooking Into the Wild: 'L'Appel Gourmand de la Forêt' Cookbook

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Cooking Into the Wild: 'L'Appel Gourmand de la Forêt' Cookbook
Photo Linda Louis

Considered the «bible of wilderness cuisine», the book L’Appel Gourmand de la Forêt – (The Gourmet Call of the Forest), which has just been published in France by La Plage – is a collection of 324 pages featuring recipes, suggestions, photographs and useful charts and information for 30 different herbs, shrubs, trees and forest mushrooms.

From wild garlic to thistles, from violets to borage, from loquats to wild prunes, every ingredient is looked at first from a botanical viewpoint and then transformed into jams and cakes, juices or soups. One of the book’s highlights is the introductory part in which the author explains the rules and selection criteria for gathering in the woods. But there is one concept that everyone should understand: gathering food from nature isn’t a right, but a marvelous opportunity. This is why expeditions always enforce a reasonable gathering limit, which should always be followed for the well-being of nature.

Linda, besides being a cook whose recipes always feature an ecological mindset, has also written the cookbooks L’atelier des bonbons bio and Tomates, anciennes et gourmands. She also curates the blog Cuisine Campagne.

L’Appel Gourmand de la Forêt
Texts, recipes and photos by Linda Louis
Published by La Plage

To purchase the book click here.

Photo courtesy La Plage publisher

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