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The Forager Bike for the Intrepid Chef

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The Forager Bike for the Intrepid Chef

Intrepid foodies with a love of the great outdoors are increasingly being spoilt for choice when it comes to dining well in the wild, from pack up kitchens to gourmet camping provisions, taste buds no longer need suffer. 

The next bit of kit worth a mention is a kitchen on two wheels. The British bespoke made bike, aptly named the 'forager', designed for adventurous foodies getting back in touch with their inner hunter gatherer.

Designed to go off road, straying across fields and forests on the hunt for mother nature's tasty morsels will pose no problems for budding Bear Grylls on this bike.

Design input came from the famous foraging British chef, Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall, who told bike radar I'm incredibly pleased with The Forager....I'm very much looking forward to a full-scale two-wheeled foraging expedition as soon as the first green shoots appear in the hedgerow.."

Needless to say, the bike comes fully loaded with a range of foraging, cooking and eating equipment including a fold-up barbecue, pots and pans, plates and utensils, chopping board, mushroom knife and a hip flask. Much of it recycled.

The bikes are made to order by Sven Cycles and cost approximately £3900 (approx $5600 USD).

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