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Let Dice Decide Your Dinner

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Let Dice Decide Your Dinner

Tired of not knowing what to make for dinner? Why not let the dice decide, literally. These Foodie Dice offer over 180,000 combinations of dishes and are meant to encourage everyone to step away from rigid recipes and play more with their food.

They come in different sections such as: cooking methods, protein, herbs, bonus ingredients and then seasonal vegetable dice to encourage people to cook with seasonal ingredients.

All people have to do is roll the different dice and from there decide what it is they’re going to cook. It’s not going to be the perfect method of deciding dinner every evening but it’s certainly a fun way to generate some new ideas, or to challenge yourself if you’re a professional cook.

The company also produce a range of Mixology dice for those who want to play the same game when decided what drink to make.

The Foodie dice start at $24 with a number of different add ons available.

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