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Food Writing, How to Make Money Talking About Food

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Food Writing, How to Make Money Talking About Food

The internet is brimming over with announcements offering the chance to “get paid to write”. Most of these jobs are looking for authors to write tutorials and reviews on a wide range of topics – one of the most popular being the wine and food sector. But do beware: there are a lot of scams out there and it’s not always easy to understand which offers are serious and which are the ones to avoid.

These sites are ones worth checking out if food writing is your passion.

The system is simple: anyone who needs content or texts comes here to look for them. And if yours is chosen, you are paid a fee, which varies depending on length (even short messages are requested). Contents regarding food and beverages are always very popular.

Demand Studios
There’s a wide selection of texts and topics and it’s a website worth checking out. Some of its clients are the big names from the web sector and film industry and the pay is quite good.

Are you an expert in the culinary sector? Do you know what the best food and wine itineraries are? If you can write with some authority, let your fingers fly. Publish your piece on this site and your compensation will be determined by how much advertising you generate.

One of the most popular classified ad sites in the world, it’s a goldmine when it comes to finding small copywriting jobs or publishing opportunities. From writing to translating, it’s worth checking the site a couple times a week. The jobs go fast!

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