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Food Wraps, An Innovative Food Storage Solution

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Food Wraps, An Innovative Food Storage Solution

Frustrated by your stack of plastic containers? Tired of never being able to find the right lid? Looking to save some space in your cabinets? It's time to say hello to an innovative food storage solution.

Behold these ''super-stretchy'' food wraps made from food-safe Sticky Rubber. They come in dazzling colors and fit tightly over containers (i.e. pots or bowls). What's even more exciting is that these food wraps can be placed directly over fresh cut fruit like lemons, avocados and pineapples.

They are BPA and Phthalates-free and will definitely save you time and money, especially because you'll avoid the use of plastic containers and plastic wrap altogether. These food storage wraps are available in sets of four different sizes and retail for $19.99. Find them at Uncommon Goods.

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