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New Fridge Cam will Stop You Throwing Food Away

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New Fridge Cam will Stop You Throwing Food Away

If reducing food waste is a big thing in your household, and if George Orwell's predictions don't put numbing fear into you, then perhaps you should be looking at Smarter FridgeCam, a wireless camera aimed at your fridge.

Costing £99, the FridgeCam sits inside a refrigerator and monitors the use-by-date of all items. It also sends automatic updates when certain items need topping up and a gentle reminder to consume food before its past its best.

Anyone who has stood dumbfounded at aisle three, desperately trying to remember if there's enough butter for the sandwiches in the morning will be happy to know they can quickly call up the camera app and look inside their fridge from anywhere they choose.

We'll admit that on first glance the whole thing seems a bit overkill, however, this is yet another example of a company creating a product specifically designed at reducing food waste, and that has to be a good thing. We've reported on a number of different gadgets, kitchen tools and apps aimed at curbing the huge amount of food waste that's generated around the world everyday.

The fridge is, apparently, self-learning which means it will take information from all the other fridges in the network to enable it to eventually make smarter decisions about your food and your waste. Perhaps it will eventually get smart enough to borrow a bit of milk from the neighbour next time it's running low.

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