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Two New Food Shows for The U.S.

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Two New Food Shows for The U.S.

As food shows on TV increase daily and audiences for these shows seem to show no slowing it comes as no surprise that American TV broadcasters are set to launch some new ones.

Two new TV documentaries that both focus on the food industry will launch soon in America. The first is Food Forward, a documentary series from PBS and premiered in San Francisco on 27th March and in LA on April 5th. The series will features chefs, scientists, teachers, farmers and fishermen who all play some role in trying to create a healthier food system in America. 

The series will look at number of schemes that have been started across the country from rooftop gardening in New York to urban chicken farming and hydroponic grow systems - the documentary follows the wide spectrum of healthy food development in America, finishing on an overweight teen from Detroit as a way of culminating the show and stressing the importance of a change in food habits throughout the U.S..

As Greg Roden, director of Food Forward, explained: “Our program goes beyond celebrity chefs, cooking competitions and recipes, to reveal the compelling stories and inspired solutions from Americans striving to create a more just, sustainable and delicious alternative to how and what we eat.”

A Day in the Life

From a whole different spectrum of the food world, documentary maker Morgon Spurlock will return with his 'day in the life' series and this time he'll be spending 24 hours with the super busy celebrity chef, Mario Batali. The day in the life of Mario Batali is available as a web series on and unfortunately can only be viewed by those in America.

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