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Want to Perfect Your Plating Skills?

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Want to Perfect Your Plating Skills?

Garnish, embellish, inject, smear, dollop, spritz, spruce, drizzle.... you name it, the new food styling tool set for amateur cooks has arrived to help you achieve any number of techniques on a plate.

If you've always wanted to produce restaurant looking dishes at home, Molecular Recipe's kit of 11 food styling tools and accessories will help take your plating from rustic to refined.

Precision tweezers to add those finishing petals, fine scissors, a culinary scalpel, a culinary syringe, an oil mister, and two spatulas to spread those sauces, will help you apply all those special finishing touches.

And if things don't turn out quite as you would have liked, remember what they say about bad workmen!

If you need some plating guidance check out this guide on how to plate like a pro with a walk through on presentation tips.

This is what the kit looks like and it retails at $44.95USD on the website.

Some examples of presentation you can achieve with the tools:

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