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Do We Need a Food Social Network?

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Do We Need a Food Social Network?
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Do you take so many food photos that you wish there was a separate food social network? If so then a new food app has just about everything covered.

Yummi allows you to share and organise your meals in chronological order (photos are time-stamped, although unfortunately you can't edit photos within the app, as of yet) and to categorise them. You can create a food diary to see just what you’ve eaten and how regularly (useful) and you can also use it like Yelp to find local restaurants and browse menus. You can swipe right to save your favourite image too (Tender, the Tinder for food has a similar function), so it kind of combines the best bits of the most popular social networks and apps.

Is it Needed?

The man behind the free iOS app is former Google executive Pete Wong, but there is a lingering question as to whether a food social network is actually needed and could be a success in the long–term – remember Foodspotting? Many people’s food-related social media posts tend to be part of a wider lifestyle they’re trying to project and promote. Would they want to separate that? Would you post on Yummi when you can post on Instagram where more people are likely to see it?

We're keeping an open mind, but perhaps this is one for devout foodies only. One thing's for sure: if they want to appeal to chefs, they're going to have to change the name.

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