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Food Shows: 'The Wiener's Circle' Goes on Tv

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Food Shows: 'The Wiener's Circle' Goes on Tv

If the expression The Wiener’s Cirle makes you think of a bunch of Austrian intellectuals pondering larger-than-life philosophical issues, you’re a well-learned person but you have probably never been to Chicago. Around the city’s north side, the late-night hot dog joint that goes by that name is, quite simply, the stuff of legends. Every night, its famously brash, abusive staff engage in fights (not necessarily verbal) with an equally rowdy, often drunk customer base.

All of which will make, according to truTV, for great entertainment: the new reality show dedicated to The Wiener’s Circle is on Tuesday nights at 10 pm – a scheduling that may keep children and the faint at heart safe from the foul languages that is dispensed as loosely as the ketchup.

Customers will be also invited to “try their hands at outrageously irreverent and hilariously embarrassing challenges”, all for the joy of free hot dogs, burgers and fries. Which are likely to end up being used as weapons, rather than eaten...

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