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Watermelon that Tastes Like Tuna | Food Science

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Watermelon that Tastes Like Tuna | Food Science
Photo Screen Shot / TED

As the world's growing food consumption becomes a bigger and bigger problem and we're told more and more about depleting stocks of grain, cattle and fish - we need to constantly look for alternatives. New farming techniques, sustainable production, a change in consumer eating habits - all these factors can help to significantly reduce the problem. But what about chefs, what exactly is their role in all of this ?

Homaro Cantu and Ben Roche, two chefs from the Moto Restaurant in Chicago, think that their role can be vital. They're intent on using their skills and understanding of food and food technology to help better the world. Starting with their watermelon tuna - yes that's watermelon that looks, feels, smells and tastes like tuna.

Want to know more ? Watch this video of the pair explaining their finds - including photographs that taste just like the food they portray:

Source: TED


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