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Food Protectors Keep Your Food Fresh for Three Times Longer

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Food Protectors Keep Your Food Fresh for Three Times Longer

If you're tired of throwing out spoiled fruit and vegetables and feeling guilty about food waste, food protectors are the new 'silent heroes' of the kitchen that claim to help you hang onto your fruit and vegetables for longer.

Brainchild of scientist Arie Markus and Phresh Organics, food protectors may not be much to look at but are actually the result of over a decade of laboratory work and research. The end product is an organic solution that they claim extends the freshness of your fruit and vegetables by as much as three times. 

Containing a magical organic, non-toxic powder held in sachets inside miniature gimmicky containers, the 'food protectors' are simply placed next to your fruit and vegetables where they 'watch them'.  When the potency and power of the powder runs out the food protector changes colour alerting you to change the sachet.

The food protector's powers extend over : strawberries, cucumbers, grapes, tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes, lemons, apples and lettuce and more.

The project was launched on crowdfunding site 'Kickstarter' and at the time of writing had already secured sufficient funds to launch. So it looks like it won't be long till your fruit and veg will meet their maker, or protector in this case.

Take a look at the video and see just how they work:

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