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Want To Preserve Food Sans Plastic? Try A Food Hugger

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Want To Preserve Food Sans Plastic? Try A Food Hugger
Photo Food Hugger

Tired of throwing away half-eaten produce stored in the fridge? Want to preserve food without wrapping it in plastic? Behold a new line of kitchen utensils that help preserve fresh produce by 'hugging' it.

Food Huggers are silicone pads meant to wrap around fruits and vegetables that have been sliced open. No more plastic wrap! Just slide one of these babies on it to create an airtight seal. 

These handy utensils are BPA- and phalate-free and come in four different sizes. They fit over most leftover produce like apples, onions, cucumebers and lemons. Food Huggers are also microwave and dishwasher safe.

If you like this invention, consider donating to the avocado hugger, which is currently making rounds on Kickstarter. The video below illustrates how simple it is to use this handy invention.

Via Design Boom

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