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The 'Black Book Food' by Silvia Badalotti

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The 'Black Book Food' by Silvia Badalotti
Photo Silvia Badalotti

The images that we’ve served for your fine dining pleasure are from a personal photographic project by Silvia Badalotti: conceived under the name Black Book Food, the series comes from the need to experiment with shapes and colours, to transform dishes into a piece of design.

Badalotti’s shots intentionally turn the standard canons of classic food photography upside down: she shuns light backgrounds and blurry effects and favours instead a darker, sometimes crude atmosphere that reflects and questions her subjects, moving the focus on how they blend in with its surroundings. «The starting point isn’t food,» explains Badalotti, «but what surrounds it. In London, I chose the props – plates, fabrics, and every other object that appears in the photographs – and only added, at the very last moment, a piece of meat, a fish, or the perfect vegetable that was suited to that particular environment.»

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