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Top 5 Apps to Improve Your Food Pics

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Top 5 Apps to Improve Your Food Pics


We're all guilty of snapping before we eat, taking pics of food and sharing them on social media have become an integral part of the dining experience for many people. Some restaurants even have special lighting or areas set aside to snap the perfect photo.
We know that you can't always take the right photo on set, so having a few editing tools to help you get the perfect picture is vital. We're giving you a rundown of our favourite five apps to take your food photography to the next level.


This free app, which also comes with an advanced paid plan, has a great selection of features for editing. From presets to basic editing tools it is great for touching up your food photos. The VSCO journal is also handy area to give users tip and tricks on how to use the app for the best results. 

2: Facetune

This editing tool is commonly known as an app for editing selfies, however, there are a few features in it which are helpful when it comes to food photography. We'd advise using Facetune's whitening tool to whiten any plates or white objects that could have been discoloured due to the lighting. The free editing app is also good to add details to any part of the image that could have been lost. 

3: Snapseed

Another great tool for editing, one our personal go-to apps because it's free and very powerful. You can select certain areas of a photo and apply edits, great for an odd ingredient on the plate you want to pop. Snapseed's "healing" tool is also great to get wipe any splashes of food or marks that you don't want on your images. The "selective" feature allows you to brighten, sharpen and saturate chosen areas and the sharpening tool will make it seem like your phone got glasses. This app lets you play with deep details in an image and is the first one we go to when editing our food shots. 

4: Lightroom

Lightroom will let you recreate the scene as you saw it. The colour feature, which is used to edit the hue, saturation or luminance, is one of the easiest to use and really helps bring your photos to life. Lightroom can be used seamlessly on mobile and PC devices with the advanced package.

5: Foodie

This app is all in the name; made for foodies with pre-created filters to bring out all the deliciousness from your plate onto your screen. This free app is great for  shooting pics directly with filters applied and editing after. It also comes with a rule of thirds grid to ensure the best angle in every shot you take. 
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