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Food Photographers You Should Know

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Food Photographers You Should Know
Photo Henry Hargreaves

Anyone who has ever taken a picture of their food on a mobile device knows how challenging it can be to make it look good. Is the lighting just right? Should you change angles? Do the colors work well together? 

Food photography is a field that requires an eye for the extraordinary, solid technique, innovation and wicked creativity. We respect professional food photographers who seem to always get it right. That's why we thought it was only fair to share with you a few of our favorite food photographers.

Henry Hargreaves
This New Zealand-born but Brooklyn-based photograher is nothing short of a genius. He's captured food celebrities eat back stage and has even lit fast food on fire. He revealed: ''I try to use food to tell a story. The habits and rituals that surround us are such great reflections of who we are.''

Florent Tanet
This young photographer and fashion designer from Paris is very skilled at using minimalistic techniques to get his message across.  He's most known for deconstructing fruit and vegetables in his photo project A colorful winter. He told us: ''My photos show that even if this is not acceptable, the kitchen is a playground for the cooker or the eater.''

Bryan Durushia
This budding food photographer from Minnesota is only 18-years old but he's already making a name for himself with his out-of-this-world photography. He publishes under the alias DreamingOfAutumn and is most known for his erie series of Pumpkin People.

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