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Discover New and Unique Food Pairings

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Discover New and Unique Food Pairings

Bernard Lahousse is a bio-engineer and scientist who combines unusual ingredients for his experimental eating project that aims to combine tastes unsung the science of food pairing.

With 70-80% of our perception of flavour made up through what we smell and foods you might not expect sharing similar odors, a number of strange sounding food pairings actually taste great and Lahousse highlights this with his crazy sounding creations such as: chocolate, plum and darjeeling tea - cinnamon biscuit, beef and porcini or strawberries paired with parmesan cheese.

Lahousse launched the website Food Pairing  in 2007 which allows people to explore the world of food pairing using a large database of flavours and a unique algorithm that shows users what flavours pair well with each other. These flavour family trees can be a valuable resource in the kitchen, especially if you’re looking to create a new dish from one core flavour.

As you can see from the pictures below Lahousse has used his technology to create a series of rather unique food pairings. Bonus - here's some tips on pairing wine with food. 

Chocolate, plum and darjeeling tea

Cinnamon biscuit, beef and porcini.

Chicken Pairing Tree. 

Strawberry and Parmesan. 

Mackerel, beetroot, horseradish and ‘cornes de gattes’ potatoes.

Via Design Boom 


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