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Food From the Movies: Dishes on the Big Screen

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Food From the Movies: Dishes on the Big Screen

Find out what your favorite characters are eating in their movies: from Zoolander's orange mocha frappuccino to the Fried Green Tomatoes of Kathy Bates.

While most of the food that appears on screen (and in print, for that matter) is fake and wouldn’t actually taste good at all, if it manages to delight the eye, you’ll often find it will whet your appetite as well. Why not try and repeat the recipes you’ve seen enjoyed in the movies from the comfort of your own home? If you don’t remember how your favourite characters from Zoolander or Black Swan pleased their palates, don't worry, here are some “food from the movies” reminders. Eat like a star. Or, at least their characters.

Ben Stiller's fans will surely remember that “magnum” pose he continually flaunted in Zoolander, even while sipping an orange mocha frappuccino with his silly model friends. If you’re thirsty from a long, hard day on the catwalk, you can learn how to make that “really, really ridiculously good-looking” beverage here.

Familiar to all by now, Fried Green Tomatoes is not only the title of this classic tear-jerker, featuring Kathy Bates and Mary Louise-Parker, it's also a delicious recipe made of unripe tomatoes (of course) and parmesan cheese.

If nothing else, Something's Gotta Give starring Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson, gave us all craving for those delicious blueberry pancakes that she fed him while his character, an over-60 incorrigible playboy, was recuperating after a heart attack (while in bed with her character’s daughter). Whether you’re in the first bloom or later stages of a romance, this is one recipe that will never get old.

How do you celebrate your ballerina daughter's career-changing feat of landing the part of the Black Swan? Natalie Portman’s on-screen mother, Barbara Hershey, presents her daughter with a mouth-watering slice of vanilla cake with strawberry frosting, as the young, conflicted prima ballerina gets ready for the role of a lifetime. While you may not feel up to all the barre excercises, you can at least enjoy its sweet payoff.

Tasty, uh? And what's your favourite recipe from a movie? Leave a comment and share your cinematic food memories, questions and cravings with us.

Source Movie Recipes, Cooking with themovies.

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