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Make the Food Up: Tips from a Food Photographer

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Make the Food Up: Tips from a Food Photographer

«It happened a lot, especially in the past, that food would undergo what were basically cosmetic treatments: like beet juice would be used to render beef or tuna meat look even redder. Today, of course, these ‘corrections’ happen in post-production».

This is how Bob Noto replied when we asked him what was the most particular “trick” he’d ever used when photographing food. But his true passion for gourmet cuisine makes him something of an artistic purist when it comes to his camera. He photographs the dishes exactly as they arrive on their plates, and makes any elaborations or adjustments afterwards, on his computer.

According to Noto, one can consider a food photograph successful if it stimulates your appetite. Which is why people who do it as a profession often have to resort to some outside help to make sure the viewer’s mouth begins to water. Most of the food that appears in magazines have passed through the hands of a food stylist, who know exactly how to apply make-up to an apple as if it were a model.

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