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The Necklace You Can Cook With

By FDL on

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The Necklace You Can Cook With

It was mans discovery of fire that led humans to evolve the way they did - a hugely important development for the race and one that's seen us turn into the food loving civilization we are today.

However, rarely do we have to light our own fire these days, it's even more rare that we need to rub two sticks together to spark a fire - we have ovens, microwaves, toasters, gas, electric - a whole array of ways to cook and now we even have the stove top necklace.

Developed by the jeweler Stuart Breidenstein, the pendent apparently contains  enough fuel to brew a small kettle's worth of tea - not bad going for a small design that fits around your neck.

There's a video of the stovetop necklace in action below but we're still a little unsure about wearing our cookers at FDL HQ.

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