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Eat Your Favourite Dish: or Maybe... Sleep in It!

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Eat Your Favourite Dish: or Maybe... Sleep in It!

Sleep on a waffle with ice cream, rest your head on a mushroom or let yourself drop on a baked potato and kick away your shoes. You won’t spoil the food, nor annoy the person who so passionately crafted it. That’s because Brook Abboud is not a chef; she is an artist specialising in fibres and materials and her creations are not meant to be eaten, but to decorate the place where you live.

Talking of food-themed furniture and clothing accessories does not really do justice to her work: while perfectly functional, these items so closely resemble the original thing that you may feel tempted to take a bite.

Whether arranging broccoli and olive-shaped pillows on your sofa or looking at yourself in a mirror wearing her “asparagus scarf”, Abboud’s food still holds true to the old saying that you eat with your eyes first; however, next in line after your sight is the sense of touch and feel, not those of taste and smell.

You can buy her creations online through Etsy; to visit B Fiber and Craft Emporium, her shop, click here.

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