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Connect to a Virtual Food Community with 'Food in Touch'

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Connect to a Virtual Food Community with 'Food in Touch'

Table for one? If you love good food and eating out, but lack a dining buddy, or enjoy experimenting in the kitchen, but have no one to share it with, you are not alone (er, hypothetically speaking).

Eating alone is no longer strange, but that doesn't mean foodies, or what we know as Food eVangelists, need miss out on shared knowledge and ideas exchange, when it comes to recipes, ingredients, restaurants etc, and what better way to fit into busy lives, than virtually?

This is the idea of Food in Touch, a social network and video platform, encouraging this very behaviour by creating a community of 'virtual' foodies around a 'virtual' dinner table.

Founded by two Americans living in Paris, Earlwyn Covington and Zachary Miskin the Food in Touch app aims to encourage food lovers to share their culinary lives. The idea being that wherever your table for one is, or wherever you're up to working on a new recipe, there's always a fellow enthusiast on line to connect with and share the pleasure of food.

The app is available for free download on iTunes. You can also create an account and access it via your Facebook or twitter account.

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