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Food for Talk, a Food Community on Fine Dining Lovers

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Food for Talk, a Food Community on Fine Dining Lovers

Our greatest ambition? That becomes the table around which the world’s food enthusiasts gather to exchange and discuss the issues about which they are most passionate – just like good friends do at the end of a nice dinner.

The Food for talk area, along with the comments section below each article, has been created just for this purpose.

Some themes will be proposed by our own staff, others will be suggested by the readers themselves. Together with each day’s new story, video or photogallery, we invite to you to share any of your delightful discoveries, favourite artisan products or emerging chefs. And of course, fascinating tidbits, new trends or publications, any notable upcoming events.

We are eager to hear about what inspires you, and we welcome any suggestions or ideas you may have for future articles. Sharing thoughts and experiences is one of life’s pleasures – just like fine dining. Don’t you think?

An epicurean philosophy regarding nature’s marvels and human excellence is thankfully spreading throughout our world – helping to make it a better place, brimming over with new tastes and pleasures. If you agree, there’s food for talk just for you!

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