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Download Ugly Fruit and Veg Emojis and Stop Food Waste

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Download Ugly Fruit and Veg Emojis and Stop Food Waste

20% of fruits and vegetables grown go to waste because they are deemed aesthetically undesirable by retailers, while at the same time, one in six Americans are classified as “food insecure,” or at risk of hunger according to Hungry Harvest.

It’s a scandal, but the organisation, which sources and delivers this unwanted produce to grateful households across the US, has come up with a cute way to spread the word – ugly fruit and veg emojis.

The Ugly Produce app, available to download here, features twisted double carrots, imperfect strawberries (they don’t look that bad, do they?) and bemused-looking avocados. The idea is to get people talking and texting about ugly produce.

People are generally waking up to the fact that a lot of the food we grow is rejected for sale for no other reason than it being aesthetically imperfect. Earlier in the year British supermarket Asda began selling “wonky veg boxes” of imperfect produce at cheap prices in many of its stores.

In related news, this cold press juicer only uses rejected fruits and veg for its juice pouches, while this Instagram account is dedicated solely to ugly produce, and is hilarious to boot.

Why not take our ugly and fruits and veg quiz?

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