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Introducing The Food Tree: The Fun Way to Display Finger Food

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Introducing The Food Tree: The Fun Way to Display Finger Food

Creating a food display that's as enticing as it is contemporary is a pretty tall order. Especially when it comes to making fruit and finger food look original, even more so if you want to avoid the dated half upturned foil covered melon impaled with cocktail sticks look.

Fortunately, the design brand Smarin have nailed the perfect eye catching food display solution, meaning your melon days are over. Named Olivier, or Albert (the smaller sapling), these are the wooden trees that double up as effective food display stands. Branches serve as toothpick holders, allowing you to make simple, but interesting features out of party food, leaving your guests to graze from the branches of the tree at their leisure.

Stéphanie Marin designed the party food idea back in 2008, inspired by nature and in collaboration with the Michelin star chef of MirazurMauro Colagreco.

How to furnish your tree of finger food is up to you. From a colourful composition of soft fruits as a fun finger food party dessert solution to simply indulging your sweet fantasies by turning it into a candy tree.

And if you are an aperitif fan you can always use the tree to skewer cherry tomatoes, small mozzarella and meatballs creating a talking point for your mingling guests.

Olivier is handmade from beechwood and stands about 67cm high, holding 50 branches or twig holders to keep your mini skewers in place, or you can opt for the smaller sibling, Albert, at 20cm high holding 20 skewers. 

Olivier can be purchased at Smarin for €130 and Albert for €85.

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