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The Tiny Tapas Plates

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The Tiny Tapas Plates
Photo Ryan Fletcher Design

Presentation is everything for chefs. Not only does their food have to taste delicious but it has to look good as well. Sometimes it can be hard for chefs like Grant Achatz and Wylie Dufresne to plate their molecular creations.

In the past, Achatz and his staff have partnered with designers to create their own utensils - like the porthole. That's where the talent of designers like Ryan Fletcher can come in handy. Fletcher has created a line of tiny plates for plating petite portions.

His line of Tapas Micros is made of porcelain and perfect for tasting menus like those offered at The French Laundry. Here's how he describes his work:

''My ceramic forms originate from standard functional objects like a spoon, or bowl, cup, or plate while seeking to challenge a preexisting understanding of that object and it’s function. I try to engage the user by creating a moment where they must stop and rethink how they will interact with the object.''

You can check out Fletcher's full line of Tapas Micros plates on his website.

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