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The Knife Inspired By A Sheep

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The Knife Inspired By A Sheep
Photo Industrial Design Served

How often do you come across a knife inspired by a sheep? Probably never. You'll be surprised to learn about the Nani knife, a small knife with a unique blade inspired by the face and horn of sheep.

We know, it's a rather strange description. But it doesn't take anything away from the cool and sleek the design of this cutting edge tool. Designed by Osmund Olsen, the Nani knife has an oak handle and a stainless steel blade. It was created to fit comfortably in your hand while offering maximum blade space for cutting.

According to the designer, the Nani knife ''symbolizes strength and control...the design of the knife makes it easier to transfer the power from your hand to the whole blade.'' 

Via Industrial Design Served



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